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How Does UX Design Affect Your SEO?

As Google keeps evolving and progressing each day, so does UX design. User experience (UX) design nowadays is very much related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and some might say it is an important ranking factor as well through user engagement metric. Keywords targeting and building backlinks still play a vital role in SEO, but there are more key players in the SEO game.   What is User-Experience? UX design is the process of designing your website or product page in a way that is useful, easy to use, and fun to interact with, in the eyes...
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February 19

Google Panda Updates -Maintain Top Rankings Regardless of it

is an Algorithm by Google that take care of the quality of website Anyone who has been involved on the business side of the Internet understands how rapidly search engines...
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August 12

SEO Goals and Objectives Behind Your SEO Strategy

  The success of any SEO campaign is to be measured and identified by well defined goals and objectives. When hiring an SEO agency, you should set a list of objectives...
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