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We all know that SEO is important when dealing with a company, however, what a lot of people don’t know is how to maintain it – it’s the same deal with having a dog, the thought of actually have them is great, bringing you fun and joy, but it requires great amount of maintaining and responsibility. Obviously – if you’re using SEO correctly – it’s no easy business, it’s not something you can easily use and then leave to the side. A good SEO campaign requires a lot of research and analyzing, especially to confirm whether it’s working effectively.

Now with all this tracking and analyzing, it will take a lot of effort for your wallet, but unfortunately it’s an investment worth taking and fortunately, there are actually plenty of free tools out there that will help you manage.

Below are some important tools to note for SEO in 2018, whether they are free, freemium, or paid.

Keyword analysis tool

This is a tool to help you determine the type of keywords you need for your site. Which one brings more momentum and more conversion rate? Knowing which keywords will put your page on the top of the search result is important. Some of the tools that you can access are Ubbersuggest, Term Explorer, and SEMrush.

Ranking tools

Knowing how high your rank is on the search result page is an important deal, it will help you to understand how effective your SEO campaign is and what can be done to improve it. This will allow you to actually know your rank without the efforts of scrolling each page. Some tools you can use are Google Search Console, SEMrush, and Authority Labs.

Content effectiveness tool

These tools are needed to ensure that your contents are doing their jobs right. On that note, these tools can help you to see whether your contents are outdated or even if they are popular enough or relevant enough with a particular topic, these tools may also help you to determine an interesting or relevant subject for the topic you are aiming for. Try Outdated Content Finder, Yoast WordPress Plugin, and Buzzsumo.

Technical SEO tool

This will help you to analyze your site of any dysfunctions or errors within your site, also providing a checklist of steps to take. These tools can help you to see any missing titles, duplicate pages, length of content, etc. Some tools you can try include WooRank Plugin, Screaming Frog, and DeepCrawl.


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