The superhero tendencies of web analytics

January 31

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The superhero tendencies of web analytics




Web analytics is something that is highly taken for granted, people know it’s important, but they’re not entirely aware of its capabilities. If this were a superhero movie, web analytics would be the Clark Kent in disguise. Web analytics is actually a great tool for a number of different services – they help you to understand the different conversion rates of your customers, the fluctuation of consumer purchase, and many more. Just like Clark Kent, turns out there’s more than meets the eye. Below are some of the hidden gems that web analytics has to offer.

Data collection, security, and configuration capabilities

Abilities of web analytics, like Google Analytics, provide many features that can enhance the company’s security and transparency. Things like Google Analytics calculated metrics and Adwords Manager Account Linking, allow you to create a metrics within the admin console and share data directly with a manager account instead of a client account – maximizing your security and configuration opportunities.

Data imports

Data import allows you to upload data from external sources and combine it with the data you collect via analytics to help you analyze data that reflects your own business. Data imports are great to figure out a more accurate detail of your ad spend (ROAS), not to mention great for email marketing, search consoles, CRM, and social media advertising. This would be a great technique to gather data from your social media campaign in analyzing your ROAS.

Social media comments and input

As discussed just before, analytics allows you to connect with data of social media campaigns; in this stage, it actually allows you to view any comments and feedback you have from your social media sites, which will be great for customer service, allowing you to respond to any complaints before it escalates.


Many web analytics tools, like Google Analytics, allow you to create segmentation for your target and KPIs. This ability allows you to focus more on your specific target market and demographics, making it easier when analyzing your data.

Data from digital operations

Analytics allows you to view all the data you need pretty much, which includes your digital operations. This type of data is great to create your sales forecast.

A few of analytics secret abilities, with more in counting – especially with the number of updates available almost every year. So, don’t hate the data and learn to love it like your superman.


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