PPC Management Services

When it comes to bids, more isn’t always better; we make the most of PPC by managing your bids with laser-like precision. Bid management technology utilizes software for controlling bids in search engine marketing. The SEM experts at Chain Reaction operate these bid management systems for our clients to ensure they are getting the best results.
The SEM experts at Chain Reaction have the time to monitor your ads and bids while altering them based on your targeted consumer.

Account Audit & Optimization

The account audit process at Chain Reaction includes taking a deeper look into your company’s SEM account. Taking a look at your metrics and making reports about what your company has done so far; also, how well it has been performing with SEM ads. The next step our SEM team will do is provide insights about your SEM strategies and develop plans to help your campaigns to get better results. The account audit process is done to get a better look at what your company has done compared to that of your competitors; so that our SEM experts know how to proceed in advancing your advertising platform.

When it comes to optimizing your SEM advertising, our SEM team look at your keyword opportunities and monitor your bid management; also, makes improvements to user experience and develop your landing page. Landing pages have a powerful and quantifiable impact on the success of your business. The main goal of SEM advertising is to have the same amount of desired clicks per month, while keeping your CPC as cheap as possible.

Display Advertising

Chain Reaction creates display ads that will help your business stand out from your competitors. Together we will also organize a display advertising approach that will effectively engage your target markets through creative imagery, captivating videos, and informative audio.

Help your business stand out and get started with display advertising. As more people begin to become fascinated with receiving information through videos on social media, display ads are a great way to build company awareness and heighten exposure.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaign

Chain Reaction is the SEO company you can look to when it comes to handling effective SEM advertising launches and advertising management; e’re invested in understanding your brand’s specific niche to help your company prosper. Your business and website will undergo thorough analysis as we prepare your bespoke SEM plan. As a result, when we understand your brand, we can help your consumers understand your brand with our SEM services. Hence, turning them into loyal customers.

Our PPC services include:

  • Website and business analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Performance analytics and competitor insights
  • Analysis of past keywords and search trends
  • Full-scale SEM planning

PPC Implementation

Creating an advertising campaign is one thing, but implementing a SEM strategy is another. Our multifaceted team is ready to maximize your marketing impact.

SEM implementation services include:

  • Creating a Google AdWords account
  • Building new campaigns that reflect the website structure and products and services you offer
  • Integrating relevant keywords into your campaigns
  • Restructuring existing campaigns
  • Tracking conversions

PPC Reporting

SEM reporting gives your business information about the demographics of the people who click on your ads, the days they click, the times they click, where these people are located, the gender of these visitors, and more. What can your business do with this information? You can decide when you will spend most on your ads, which people to target, and when. This optimization ensures a constant flow of ROI and considers your goals, increasing your website’s quality score, and getting more CPCs and conversions.

SEM reporting is essential to the success of any SEM advertising campaign for both the present and the future. Your customer base may change, and their habits will change as well, but with SEM reporting, your company can keep track of what your customers are doing. The SEM experts at Chain Reaction will make sure that your business is in-the-know throughout the campaign process, so that you can adjust your budget and plans as we go through the campaign.

Mobile Advertising

Implementing strong dedicated mobile pay per click advertising is absolutely essential to your business. Mobile PPC ads are becoming more prominent in the world of marketing today, as mobile device usage surpasses desktop browsing. As a result, it is essential to utilize the use of mobile ads within your strategy.

Pay per click advertising at Chain Reaction includes:

  • Creating a mobile friendly website
  • Promoting your business on mobile devices and apps
  • Creating ads with call extensions
  • Mobile search engine optimization and Geotargeting

PPC YouTube Advertising

YouTube is currently the second most popular and used search engine, generating more searches than Bing and Yahoo. Let us help you show off your creative side with YouTube Ads; choose from two YouTube ad choices, including banner ads or in-stream ads that are viewed before the video you are watching on YouTube.

The social media team at Chain Reaction will work with you to develop pay per click YouTube ads that are both captivating and bring in greater conversions. Our design team will create eye-catching YouTube ads specific to your target market while our SEM team will continuously monitor your ads to see that your business is achieving the results you desire.

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