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Many of you might be wondering what exactly is AMP? This term has been tossed around a few times within the technological spectrum, however, not many seem to know what it actually is. AMP actually stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, which is pretty much a HTML with more restrictions that allows for greater and faster mobile pages and ads performances.

Still confused? Well, this project was launched by Google and Twitter in the hopes of improving user experience, so AMP works as a new system that creates more optimizing mobile pages — so you no longer need to go through that infuriating five seconds wait just to read one page.

Sounds too good to be true? Well as an even more mobile-friendly form of pages, it is simple, neat, and clean — yet, still has ads – providing a whole new evolution into SEO. Being a simpler form of pages, AMP loads way faster than mobile-friendly pages, and because it takes milliseconds to load, it surely has become Google’s spoiled child with the new AMP bar at the top of Google’s search page.

In order for Google to know whether you have an AMP page or not, this works by adding an AMP tag within your original page or article. This basically means an AMP. The AMP HTML functions as a subset of HTML – like your basic HTML with more restrictions and custom tags and properties.

That said, the rest of us are lost wondering what to do with this new magical Google project and how to benefit from it. It’s great to understand some more details about AMP and what are the pros we can gain from it.

Faster performances

According to the tech-wizards out there, AMP helps to decrease the bounce rate and increase conversions — loading six times faster than mobile friendly pages — and some business owners swore that AMP enhanced their page performance by 88 percent. So apparently it works faster because the HTML is cut down — as mentioned before, it’s your simpler version of HTML, with only one Javascript Library.

Free hosted cache platform

The AMP also comes with a cached platform that will be hosted on — or the Google-hosted cached version. So this is the version that will appear on your Google search result, which makes things easier and simpler, because the AMP is designed as bits of content that can be cached by anyone. In other words, simpler and faster use, not to mention still a great availability to appear on search results. The Google cached version is also ad friendly — with the ability to serve adverts like AdSense, Outbrain, and other ad platforms.

Google Analytics

The cached version of the AMP also allows for the use of Google Analytics. In fact, AMP has a very smart analytics system – one that would prevent analytics tracking from slowing down a site. This can be done by one of the following methods:

  • Amp-pixel element. A tag to count page views using a GET request.
  • Amp-analytics extended component. This is the tag to use when looking to implement analytics on your site – allowing a greater level of configurations for analytics interactions.

Easy on the eyes

Unfortunately, the AMP is only available via mobile currently, however, they are on their way to expanding this. That said, mobility is the main focus in tech and marketing use today — considering most of us end up using our mobile phones for everything anyways; with more than 50 percent of Google users searching from their mobile. So creating an even more user-friendly design is golden. The AMP design itself is very simple and easy to click, making it more enjoyable for all of us — this has been proven especially in viewing news and media sites.

Higher conversions

The ease of accessibility, comforts of viewing, and fast-paced access can help to increase the number of viewers, clicks, and conversions. By creating something that is mobile-friendly and speedy in use, the AMP can be used as the ultimate tool for user satisfaction and popularity.

The SEO evolution

With all the benefits that AMP provides, this new system also affects the SEO process of your pages – altering your clicks, impressions, and user experience. By providing faster and more instant results, it will surely push more organic search results. Time to come aboard this new SEO update!

So excited to get your hands on AMP? Great! However, AMP is still not a ranking factor for Google currently, so don’t drop all your original methods for page views just yet, but this system is on its way to becoming a high-rank tool in the near future.

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