Infographic – SEO Ranking Factors: What’s Big in 2015?

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Infographic – SEO Ranking Factors: What’s Big in 2015?

Posted on April 13, 2015 by admin
As the years go forward, creating an SEO strategy that is agile is more important than ever. Google's ranking factors change significantly each year, with many factors increasing or decreasing in importance. Like in previous years, producing high-quality content is still crucial, but 2015 shows an increased focus on relevance. Social media and signals are increasing steadily in importance. Google+ is still the most important social ranking factor. On-page factors like the speed of your site have become more important in 2015. From user signals to link factors, there were many key changes to this year's ranking factors. SEO experts and brands alike should take note of these important changes. They should ensure that their website stays on top of search engine results pages and their strategy remains adaptable. SEO-Ranking-Factors--2015  

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