Web Analytics Services

The main steps of our web analytics services include conversion generation and behavior analysis, implementation and set-up, and finally testing and optimization. These steps are essential for enhancing your companies webpage, enhancing consumer turnover, and ensuring your strategy will continue to show results.

The use of web analytics services is crucial as you will be able to track where customers are going on your webpage, which areas are they not visiting as often, how many consumers are visiting your page, and how many consumers are making purchases. Having this data will put your company above your competitors because you gain inside information on what your consumers like, what your consumers want, and how to develop your webpage to better fit the needs of your consumer.

Web Analytics Process

Chain Reaction offers web analytics that is driven for your ideal results. The SEO and SEM experts at Chain Reaction recognize the importance of knowing your website’s audience, and they strive to develop your website so that your company gets the best results.

Our expert web analytics team can decipher data from your website to understand the paths that your customers take when they click and when they convert. The most important part of the web analytics process is testing and optimization because it is where the results happen. Which part of your website do your visitors love the most? Which page do they visit most often? When do they leave?

Within our web analytics department, we listen to the market and decode the numbers so you don’t have to. Next, we prepare a digital marketing strategy specific to your brand and test it. Once a strategy is approved, we’ll follow the campaign’s performance and analyze the results against the KPIs; also targeting conversion rates. Our team of experts will continue to monitor the progress of the strategy; tweaking and improving it along the way.



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