How to optimize your Facebook marketing?

Posted On February 6, 2018 by Chain Reaction

  We all know how important social media can be. It is now officially one of the cores of your Facebook ads campaign. Most online campaigns today rely on social media – seeing how active everybody is on this platform. One of the most successful and popular social media formsRead More >

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Facebook Campaign

Posted On August 11, 2016 by Chain Reaction

Learn how to successfully develop your Facebook campaign to attract consumer following and maintain conversions.   In the Middle East alone there are 123,172,132 internet users; this made up 52.2% of the population as of November 15, 2015 according to internetworldstatistics.com. Since 2000, the Middle East has seen an incredibleRead More >

Top Tips for Facebook Ad Success in 2015

Posted On March 16, 2015 by Chain Reaction

Rethink the way you advertise on Facebook and see your profits and visibility skyrocket this year. Say it with Video Almost twice as many users are watching videos in their newsfeed compared to last year, and there is a 144% increase in the likelihood that consumers will add an itemRead More >

Facebook Launches Conversion Measurement & Optimization Tool

Posted On January 27, 2013 by Chain Reaction

Facebook has recently launched its Conversion Tracking tool, described as a new conversion measurement and optimization system for direct response marketers. According to David Baser,Facebook’s ads product manager, “Measuring ad effectiveness and outcomes is absolutely crucial to all types of businesses and marketers.” “You would see the number of people who bought shoes,”Read More >

Chain Reaction Helps Customers Reach Facebook Customers

Posted On January 6, 2013 by Chain Reaction

  These days, the one place you find your family, friends and business associates is on Facebook. Even a few minutes a day catches a person up on what is going on with friends or a business. But the truth is, most individuals spend much more than a few minutesRead More >