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Boosting your social media presence is no kids’ play (although there are literally kids out there that are social media millionaires). In order to reach that point, you need to bear in mind many factors that could help you master the social media game.


Create a Social Media Strategy

It sounds great that the last post you made got a considerable amount of social media attention, but that’s not enough, you want everything you share with your people to attract attention. The way to achieve this is to create a strategy by using a Content Calendar, it would help you be prepared in advance for every occasion and every holiday to base your upcoming content on these particular occasions.

Plan to be present on social media at least 4 times a week, get your content and visuals ready and edited so that you are only left with a simple click when the occasion arrives.

Moreover, your content calendar will be a great asset for you as it should also include the audience you need to target; Not everyone would be interested in your product, therefore, you need to specify your targeted audience by gender, age, region, and depending on each social media platform.


Engage with Your Followers on a Personal Level

Have you ever wondered why Netflix has a huge social media presence? Most of it is in their way of communicating with their followers, Netflix goes out of its way to communicate with their clients on a personal level which is an attribute that makes you feel like you’re not talking to a robot, but to a real human being. This rare human trait on the web makes anyone’s presence on social media unique.

Automated responses are cool and professional, just don’t let them cost you your followers. Bear in mind that your followers would want to ask you something about your product/brand, you need to be present to answer their concerns instead of an automated response that wouldn’t help.

Remember that not only do you have to aspire for more followers, but you need to build a foundation with your followers, to be more sociable and present when they need you. This means, answering questions and concerns, meeting their needs, and mentioning people in your posts.

Netflix tweet


It’s All About Your Content

Think about this, everyone who ever created a page on Facebook or Instagram obviously has something worth sharing, but it really all depends on how it’s represented to the people. Your content could be so unique and original but if you don’t know how to present it to your audience, there’s really no use in sharing it.

Content should be tailored according to each platform, for example, Instagram is an image-based platform, Facebook’s live videos get 6 times the engagement than any other type of content, as for Twitter, there’s more demand on graphics and videos than text. You can tell that there’s a huge reliance on visuals by all three social media platforms.

After all, using visuals has proved to be one of the easiest ways to ensure that learners store information in their long-term memory, this is done by pairing concepts with meaningful images.

Prepare curated content that speaks to the user, meaning that it should be fun, easy to comprehend, and interesting. Don’t focus on the need to sell so badly, instead relate your content to the current buzz on social media, and check how people react to it.


Hashtags are gateways to more content; it should be a top priority for you to use them if you want to increase your presence.

The number of hashtags varies from one platform to another:

Facebook: On Facebook, you might have noticed that hashtags are rarely used, however, they can actually be a very profitable marketing tool when used correctly; you don’t want to overuse hashtags on Facebook, about 3 hashtags would suffice per post.

Instagram: there’s really no limited number of hashtags per post, you can use dozens of them on each post and they are highly active on Instagram.

Twitter: It is not advisable to use more than 2 hashtags per tweet, many people think more hashtags, more presence, this is highly incorrect as your tweet can easily get lost.

The most important thing to remember about Hashtags is to know exactly which ones to use. Using irrelevant hashtags and misleading people by them will only lower your integrity on social media resulting in the opposite effect of what you intended.


Monitor Your Performance

To study the status of your social media presence, there are tools you can use to monitor people’s activity on your social media profiles such as the Analytics Tool that recognizes your top-performing content, your most active audience, and further information about them. By using this tool, you will be up-to-date on how your audience reacts and you can easily think of another social media strategy if the latter doesn’t work out for you.

Lead on

What are you waiting for? You are more than ready to ace the digital world with your curated social media strategy. Remember that we people learn from experience; if your plan to boost your presence doesn’t work, you can always try another one until you see increasing numbers.

At Chain Reaction, our social media specialists are well-equipped to share more tips on how to manage your campaign and improve your social media presence. If you found this article helpful, read more on our blog.



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