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In today’s digital age, the consumer is more active than ever. Businesses are enthusiastically using user-generated content (UGC) as an integral part of their social strategy to assert reliability, drive leads and increase conversions. With 4.66 billion active internet users, digital marketing and now, social media marketing are the channels to tap into.

Here are 3 effective ways to integrate UGC into your brand’s social marketing strategy.


Focus on Reviews!

A whopping 70% of customers claim they look at product reviews before finalizing a purchase. Real reviews by real consumers can build a brand’s credibility arguably more than any other marketing method. When the consumer is making that final decision whether to buy your product or avail of a service, a great review is paramount in that final push.

Keep reviews at the heart of your social strategy. Encourage customers to leave reviews on your Facebook page and this could actually work, as research tells us 70% of customers would leave a review if asked. You can incentivize this by offering consumers coupons, discounts and rewards in return for reviews. This simple strategy could go a long way toward boosting your company’s revenue.

Leverage the Power of Visuals.

Recent research shows that video marketing is the latest trend for 2021. 54% of consumers want to see more video content for the brand they are planning to buy from.

The new age customer is very aware and won’t simply be convinced by traditional marketing tactics. The way to appeal to this new consumer is through a platform that they consider reliable. In today’s day and age, we call them influencers.

You can partner with influencers to have them create videos showcasing your product or service. This enables a prospective customer to imagine what it would be like to have said product or service in their life. This visual experience will help increase conversions.

Create a Unique #Hashtag.

Instagram hashtags are a real up and coming trend! You can use this to your advantage by creating a unique hashtag for your brand.

Expand your organic reach with interesting yet readable hashtags so that every time a user posts about your business, they use your hashtag. Repost their posts on your story to encourage this. This is an effective way to market your brand without a large digital marketing budget. Brands that use this strategy have several thousands of posts attached to their brand’s hashtag, creating free publicity, kind of like a domino effect.

Chain Reaction followed this approach with Dubai Opera. The musical hub struggled at the beginning of the pandemic and needed to reach people at their homes. The idea was to create a campaign that brings Dubai Opera audiences together on its social media platforms. Audiences were encouraged to participate in a contest by recording of themselves performing and posting their video. But the question was how to manage the numerous participations? Chain Reaction created the hashtag #FromHomeToStage to group all the videos together. This yielded Dubai Opera 2M reach, 458K in engagement across all social media platforms, 3M impressions and over 392K in video view. And we’ve won the 2021 Global Social Media Awards in two categories for this campaign!

The Power of People.

Leverage the power of people via social media to increase brand awareness and leads. By carefully incorporating UGC into your social strategy, you’ll see a remarkable difference in your business’ reach. In today’s age of social media, could there be a more effective marketing strategy?


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