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Learn how to successfully develop your Facebook campaign to attract consumer following and maintain conversions.

In the Middle East alone there are 123,172,132 internet users; this made up 52.2% of the population as of November 15, 2015 according to Since 2000, the Middle East has seen an incredible increase in internet usage at a growth rate of 3,649% – this number will only continue to grow into the future.

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Facebook is rapidly becoming one of the most prominent ways to advertise to a range of differing customers – from young to elderly and everything in between. Are you successfully reaching all of your desired consumer markets on Facebook? Here are some tips and tricks for starting and maintaining successful Facebook marketing campaigns.

Tips and Tricks

  • Begin by gaining a total understanding on the functionality of campaigns on Facebook. Facebook offers a number of options to help your business in developing and maintaining your Facebook campaign.  Also, getting accustomed to all of the options and deciding on which to use is key to Facebook success.
  • Create a marketing campaign schedule to keep up with post on your Facebook page, and for running marketing campaigns. Facebook marketing campaigns should not run throughout the entire day to avoid wasting both time and money. Some research to discover when your target market is most active will go a long way for gaining conversions.
  • Develop more than one Facebook ad campaign, alternating ads help to reach different target markets.
  • Alter color schemes for different ads and differing target audiences. Some colors attract certain age groups and different types of people, playing with the color schemes and seeing who responds the most is an interesting way to develop Facebook ad campaigns.
  • Provide content that is helpful for your audience. People are no longer interested in being pitched about why they should buy into a certain product or service; rather they welcome the idea of being engaged through relevant and useful information.
  • Ensure your Facebook page, website, and ad campaigns are consistent, featuring the same language across each to avoid losing consumers from confusion.
  • Finally Facebook provides an excellent tracking system for your business to use in making corrections to your ad campaigns. For campaigns that are successful and also for campaigns that did not do well, you will be aware of what changes to make in order to alter your campaigns.

MENA Market Example: Just Falafel

In Investing $400,000 for a Facebook marketing campaign, Just Falafel saw a 19 fold return on investment – making $9 million from their initial campaign, according to Facebook.

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When executed properly with a little investment and a bit of time, Facebook campaigns bring results. With both large companies and small, developing a department to deal solely with social media can be a difficult task. Chain Reaction offers Facebook advertising services that include developing a Facebook campaigns in your company’s image and Facebook management and maintenance.

Start investing today to grow your customer base, develop your brand awareness, and increase conversions.

For more information about Chain Reaction Facebook advertising services, visit our Facebook advertising tab.




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