E-Commerce SEO

Working with e-commerce SEO experts doesn't just increase your visibility, but also has a significant impact on your business' revenue. It is essential for an online business to be aware of their standings on search engines. Without the help of an SEO expert, your business may not get as much attention as they could by having one. Amazingly, there has been a 357% rise in sales from social traffic over the past year. Also, customers shopping with their mobiles are expected to grow to 48 million by 2016. Online marketplaces have the potential to be more profitable and powerful than ever before; so make sure you are working with our SEO experts to ensure areas of your site are optimized and put your profits into overdrive.


SEO E-commerce Services

Whether your company’s e-commerce category is business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C), or consumer to consumer (C2C); Chain Reaction can offer you SEO online shopping or payment solutions that can attract new organic traffic of any kind. There are many E-commerce SEO solutions that our experts can offer to increase your traffic and revenue. Highly-targeted keyword analysis will make sure that your customers can find you; optimizing your appearance on search engine results pages will encourage searchers to click through to your products; creating meaningful and well-organized URLs will improve SEO and user experience; fine-tuning inner links, backlinks, and listing content will also draw people to your product or service. As a result, in offering these SEO services, not only will your organic traffic increase, your website will improve as well – providing your consumers with a place to read more about the products.

SEO E-commerce Results

Today it costs 6 -7 times more to attract new customers to your website than it does to retain an existing one. Also, those repeat customers spend about twice as much on average. Chain Reaction can help turn new customers into lasting customers who remember your brand. It is sometimes difficult to attract customers to your page – especially when you are not one of the first ranked companies on a search engine. Therefore, Chain Reaction wants your company to reach the top of its game — working with you to reach best results, pushing customers to see your brand more often. Chain Reaction offers opportunities to improve your site design and shopping experience – to make your customers keep coming back for more. We are ready to apply our expert e-commerce SEO analysis; hence, walking you through your user experience.