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Your website is the online face of your brand. Before buying from you, most people check up your business online. Through online research, not only do they find out what your brand is about, but they can also assess your service and product quality. Thus, you should facilitate your customers and prospects through a bilingual website.

The Demand for Localized Content Is Booming

Indeed, English is still the lingua franca of the internet but it might not be the case in the near future.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that non-English speakers also prefer to search the internet using their mother tongue.

For businesses looking to have a competitive edge, localized marketing collateral presents a great opportunity to attract a whole new demographic and build trust over time. After all, you are looking to grow your business, right?

You may wonder, though, why do some businesses succeed in targeting a culturally diverse audience, and some don’t? Let’s see together!

Bilingualism Comes with Biculturalism

Did you translate your content? Good. Are you ready to cross borders and expand to the global market? Nope.

What a bummer, but the truth is, if you’re an Arabic or English-speaking business owner, you must know that relying solely on translating your current content is not enough otherwise you will sound robotic. You need that extra flavor, the cherry on top is how you communicate with your new audience. You are being exposed to a whole new country with completely different people and different interests, it’s going to take more than just translating word-by-word, but you need to put effort into making your strategy relevant for your target audience, and make sure that your content speaks to them on a personal level.

To give a wholesome example of a brilliant marketing strategy that made a difference in Arab-speaking countries, IKEA, the Swedish multinational conglomerate relies on customer research and market research for their marketing strategy, they don’t use surveys and reports, they actually send design experts into people’s homes to listen to their concerns. Their marketing strategy is based on people’s real-life experiences which allows them the unique accessibility to cultures and traditions all over the world.

In the Levant and the Gulf, IKEA earned their customers’ trust fast, needless to say, that they have become a trustworthy source of home products and appliances because of the kind of approach they take when advertising.

Build Trust and Brand Recognition

A bilingual website in the Arab world can break down communication barriers. English is not all of your audience’s first language, therefore, when you communicate your brand values via a bilingual website, customers can feel confident in your brand and buy from you.

If that tiny little language switch on your website provides not only the desired language, but also a curated language that is well-informed about your culture, this will show that you’re making an authentic attempt to reach out to your audience, and believe me, they’ll appreciate it.

Step Up Your SEO Game

Today, search engines like Google have the capacity to run searches in other languages too. Having pages of your site available in Arabic will give you an edge over your competitors.

Each traffic stream can potentially improve SEO metrics like organic click-through rate, bounce rate, and others. Google will give your content more visibility when you use more than one language to address your audience which will lead to new opportunities in the region. In most MENA countries, users choose to browse in Arabic, therefore, the usage and optimization of SEO in Arabic will help you to connect with millions of customers, helping your business to reach out to markets with huge purchasing power such as SEO in UAE and SEO in KSA.


Think Global

What is better than knowing you can go global with a low-cost marketing strategy? If you’re an Arabic-speaking business owner, don’t rely on presenting content in your audience’s native language, think global, and start your expansion by taking the same approach that remarkable brands took. Don’t just translate and think your job is done, dive deep into the mindset of your audience and provide the kind of communication that human beings desire.

Remember…leading brands are expected to show deference for all countries and cultures by communicating in their respective languages via a multilingual website. You can win over foreign cultures and markets by honoring their native language.

Get High-Quality Translation from A Professional Agency

Excited and ready to take on the internet? You’ve come to the right place.

Chain Reaction’s team of translators is ready to provide various translation services from technical to niche and specialized translation services.

In addition to translating or writing Arabic copy for your business, we also provide helpful advice on which keywords to target, keeping in mind that many keywords have various transliterated spellings and every area of the region has its own dialect. It’s critical that you work with Arabic SEO experts who understand the nuances of selling to customers in any market.


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