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Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Chain Reaction, MENA’s leading fully integrated digital
marketing agency, and Xiaomi UAE, a pioneer in technology and innovation, are excited to
announce a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing Xiaomi’s brand strategy and
enhancing its market presence in the UAE.

This collaboration is set to redefine Xiaomi’s engagement with its audience, focusing on
increasing product consideration and penetrating the high-end market. Through a creative
approach that tailors the brand rollout, this partnership will explore activities best suited for
Xiaomi’s brand positioning. Moreover, it aims to revamp the social media strategy, providing
a distinctive voice in the UAE while retaining Xiaomi’s brand essence.

Quote from Chain Reaction’s General Manager:
We are thrilled about our partnership with Xiaomi UAE in a strategic effort to transform their
communication and engagement with the local audience. By enhancing their UAE social
media presence, we aim to create content that deeply resonates with the local market,
reflecting the unique attributes and innovative spirit of Xiaomi. Our collaboration has already
seen success with the Ramadan campaign ‘Ramadan Xiaomis (شاوميات رمضانية)’, and we
are equally excited about the upcoming product launches and communication campaigns

Quote from Xiaomi’s Marketing Manager:
“In partnership with Chain Reaction, Xiaomi UAE aims to integrate our technology into every
UAE household, enhancing lives with our commitment to ‘Innovation for Everyone’. Our
collaboration focuses on broadening our market presence and deeply connecting with the
UAE’s diverse audience, embodying our core values of innovation, quality, and accessibility.”

About Chain Reaction:
Chain Reaction is MENA’s leading fully integrated digital marketing agency, headquartered
in Dubai with offices in Amman, Riyadh, Cairo, and Abu Dhabi. The award-winning agency is
renowned for harnessing superior technology and designing innovative strategies with a full
board of creative services, offering its clients cutting-edge solutions from SEO, web analytics
to social media advertising and performance marketing.

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