Things to Remember About Digital Marketing in Dubai

Posted On August 12, 2016 by Chain Reaction

digital marketing in dubai

So, what’s the deal with Dubai? Why have we been hearing so much talk about Dubai in terms of the business scene? It seems like a lot of companies are investing and or are based in Dubai. Well, that may be answered by the fact that UAE ranks as the largest market share in terms of e-commerce in the Middle East; at $2.3 billion and also the 5th in internet penetration in the Middle East. Dubai itself has the highest use of internet on Smartphones across the Middle East.

So not only is it an opportunity to tap to a popular market, but it’s also conducive for digital marketing.

Now that’s great and everything, but how is digital or online marketing really doing? Where is the digital marketing industry headed for Dubai?

Well, time to check out some trends below.

Digital Marketing Trends in Dubai

E-commerce. Dubai’s e-commerce scene is definitely booming, with 39% of internet users paying for services and products online. Also, in relation to Dubai’s popular smartphone scene, we can see that 17% of online consumers bought an item online using smart devices; either smartphones or tablets.

Social media. Social media is still a popular trend amongst Dubai. There are 3.7 million active users on social media and 94% of social media users on Facebook. So yes, Facebook is popular there – we get it.

Apparently that’s not all, the digital marketing industry is increasing as well. Mobile ads spend will increase by 543% every year until 2017.

So, from all that, we can conclude that Dubai is definitely shifting to an online scene with a high number of mobile penetration. Gartner’s reports even stated that by the year 2020, we will be flooded with gadgets connecting to the net.

In this world of ever-changing gadgets and virtual reality, it’s important to prioritize customer engagement – especially website and or online engagement.

Dubai is officially digital, which means customer engagement is even more important and possible. With the amount of gadgets and mobile penetration, it creates a sphere of digital innovation and possibilities. So, SEO and a mobile-friendly site here are essential. SEO is the core of your marketing strategy within this world of digital engagement, it will help you to link your brand to all your online content.

So looking to invest in Dubai? Then time to get digital.