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Since 2009, Chain Reaction is the right SEO agency in Dubai and UAE to get you towards top ranks, with clients like Samsung, LG, Pizza Hut and Lenovo, we have the best experiences in dealing with SEO solutions.

SEO can be defined as the process of increasing your website ranks with the help of search engines. Research showed that 79 percent of search engine users said they always clicked on the natural search results. Optimizing the right SEO strategy to generate organic keywords and links is important in order to gain greater rank results because these are the links that will help improve your online presence.

Our SEO Strategy

We take our SEO strategies seriously. We value your time and our time, which is why we follow these steps in ensuring the best results for quality performances.



We always do our research beforehand, doing a full technical audit of your website, ensuring we have the best knowledge about your company and industry, as we are familiar with most niches such as SEO for travel, real estate, electronics, contracting, sports, e-commerce SEO and much more,

As a professional SEO company in Dubai, we gather data in what is currently trending in the market – doing a proper competitor analysis for your website locally in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE or even in other parts in MENA region.



Once planning and research are conducted, the initiation comes next. This is the process where we will implement all our keyword variations and content optimization – based on the planning stage of the process. We will work on various SEO optimization processes; from content creation to PPC management, we will ensure full development of your website. We look to cover various activities in order to improve your conversion and rankings, be it English content, Arabic marketing, or even any form of social media marketing, SEO optimization is made for all elements.



The planning stage consists of understanding your needs from our research and analysis. Here, we try to construct the best online solution based on the ideal outcome. Scheming out what needs to be done, from website optimization and keyword research to SEO content creation and more. Planning out each step with the right action to take.



Once the right processes have been implemented, we will not stop our job there, we will continuously monitor and update you and any new improvements needed. Our review stage is made to ensure the processes we have implemented are going according to plan. Creating the most optimized results by constantly reviewing all the implemented processes. We deliver a monthly report about your website and online presence so you may understand and follow the progress of your website and SEO strategy.

Arabic SEO service is a great method to reach over 350 million people speak Arabic worldwide, in addition, that the MENA region is also constantly increasing in terms of their internet user growth and technological contributions, so it’s the time to launch a proper multilingual SEO campaign.  Check out here all details about Arabic SEO

Every e-commerce site should be utilizing the right SEO strategy. By working with the right SEO experts, we can not only impact your visibility but also your revenue. Social traffic is a global epidemic and it is time to get on board the wagon.

With more people shifting towards mobile usage, it is important to follow current trends. There will soon be one smartphone for every five people in the world – if not already. Research had also shown Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) sends your website to the top search engine results. So time to get involved!

As a member of Yamondo and partners of Baidu – the number one search engine in China – and Yandex – the leading search engine in Russia – we have a global range for you to reach all your audiences. Expand your market with Chain Reaction.

As a UAE SEO agency, we have all the local knowledge for your ideal SEO strategies. Understanding your market and how it works plays an important role in how you can achieve the ultimate results. We are the SEO company that aims for top results, this is why we constantly do our research on the Dubai market.  With your ideal SEO in Dubai, you can achieve just that.

Why SEO with Chain Reaction?

We are the SEO company in Dubai with the right qualities. We revolve around our four core values:


We aim for full optimization, we do not only stop in the beginning process of our efforts, we go all the way. It is one thing to optimize the right keywords but also to create the right process overall. From finding the right keywords to content optimization, we are ready for all your search engine optimization needs.


It is our job to make sure that your website ranks on the top search engine results, this is why we always aim for the most optimized process and method – conducting thorough research and key actions.


We provide diverse keyword variations made to fulfil all your essential needs. We want to cater towards any potential words that may represent your company, which is why we create the best variations available to you. We are aware of all major CMS SEO issues, such as WordPress SEO, Magento SEO, and Shopify SEO.


As an SEO company with Google certified partners and a member of Yamondo – a global network of performance marketing agencies. We have a proven record of our accomplishments and our clients, which is why we aim for only top outcomes. We will not let you down or ourselves down

Some SEO Results

We know choosing the right company is not always an easy choice, this is why we want to show you some of our accomplishments:


Reached increase in organic revenue for Pizza Hut


organic traffic increase for Lenovo South Africa


Arabic keywords ranked number one on the search results page for LG


increase in organic traffic for Samsung KSA


growth for Axiom Telecom


Check out advance details about SEO Case Studies here

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