Why should you learn about programmatic?

  • Programmatic advertising is a start of an era of people based marketing
  • Programmatic media buying is the method, not the message
  • Programmatic makes ad buying more efficient
  • Programmatic becoming the norm for digital but this is just the start as TV, Radio, outdoor, print and others will follow
billion USD
in 2017

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A little bit about CHAIN REACTION

Chain Reaction is a data driven marketing agency based in Dubai. We offer committed services of digital marketing techniques for our clients, aiming for the best conversion rates and consistent results.

With our head office in Dubai, we have managed to expand our services toward the MENA region; in countries like UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain. We have office branches now in Amman, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, and Seattle.

We utilize marketing and advertising in a smart way by taking advantage of online marketing methods; using strategies like Search Engine Optimization, pay-per-click advertising, mobile marketing, display advertising, social media advertising and we are now officially a Programmatic advertising agency. So we aim for the most effective methods for conversions.