Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaign

When you have an idea for an ad campaign, it can be hard to piece together the best way to launch this campaign; and continue to monitor it to get your targeted results. Chain Reaction is the SEO company you can look to when it comes to handling effective SEM advertising launches and advertising management. We're invested in understanding your brand's specific niche to help your company prosper. Your business and website will undergo rigorous analysis as we prepare your bespoke SEM plan. As a result, when we understand your brand, we can help your consumers understand your brand with our SEM services. Hence, turning them into loyal customers.


Our PPC services include:

  • Website and business analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Performance analytics and competitor insights
  • Analysis of past keywords and search trends
  • Full-scale SEM planning

What do all of these services mean for your business? It means your webpage will be set up for success. Our SEM experts do their research so that they can bring you the best ad launch plans. Getting in touch with our SEM team doesn’t simply mean you will get an ad on Google, it means you will get a top-ranking ad on search engines; due to our use of keywords. You will also get detailed information about consumer demographic, geographic, buying habits, and much more.

PPC Implementation

Creating an advertising campaign is one thing, but implementing a SEM strategy is another. Our multifaceted team is ready to maximize your marketing impact.

We will begin the process by setting up the SEM tools that you need.

SEM implementation services include:

  • Creating a Google AdWords account
  • Building new campaigns that reflect the website structure and products and services you offer
  • Integrating relevant keywords into your campaigns
  • Restructuring existing campaigns
  • Tracking conversions

This list of implementation services is what will set your company’s ads apart from those of your competitors. Why? Because our SEM experts are critical about the research they do. Once the research phase is done, they know what will work for your company. Whether your company needs to reinvent your ads to get better results; or if your company just opened and you need a way for consumers to get acquainted with the products or services you offer; Chain Reaction can offer your company solutions to all of these problems. Our SEM team has also proven that they can get number-one rankings for multiple keywords and generate more traffic to our clients’ webpages. Get started working with us today.