Account Audit & Optimization

Our comprehensive account audit is an optimization option of your existing account management. Our Google-certified expert team can help diagnose and treat issues with your accounts and campaigns.
We will take an in-depth look at your account structure, campaign settings, performance, and even ad copy. As well as identify opportunities for improvement and tweak elements of your campaigns to perfection.
Drive your campaign forward with all-inclusive optimization solutions from Chain Reaction!


Account Audit

The account audit process at Chain Reaction includes taking a deeper look into your company’s SEM account. Taking a look at your metrics and making reports about what your company has done so far; also, how well it has been performing with SEM ads. The next step our SEM team will do is provide insights about your SEM strategies and develop plans to help your campaigns get better results. The account audit process is done to get a better look at what your company has done compared to that of your competitors; so that our SEM experts know how to proceed in advancing your advertising platform. When we say “return on investment,” we mean it – we turn clicks into conversions. Let us manage your campaigns to measure and maximize your conversions; sharing detailed reports of every step of your progress along the way.


When it comes to optimizing your SEM advertising, our SEM team look at your keyword opportunities and monitor your bid management; also, makes improvements to user experience and develop your landing page. Landing pages have a powerful and quantifiable impact on the success of your business. People viewing your landing page are 65% more likely to engage by sharing additional information – once submitting their email address; and sites with successful landing pages produce 47% more sales than those that redirect a customer to a homepage. Boost the impact of your landing page with a detailed analysis from us today.

The main goal of SEM advertising is to have the same amount of desired clicks per month, while keeping your CPC as cheap as possible. Chain Reaction will monitor your campaigns to ensure your budget is followed as desired. Every aspect of account auditing and optimization is important. At Chain Reaction we care about getting your desired results within your budget – as to allow your company to continue to make effective marketing campaigns. Chain Reaction’s team of specially-trained SEM experts can increase conversions, increase your clicks per ad, and maintain a steady balance of clicks within your same budget.

We have done it for our other clients and we can do it for you!