Lenovo reached a 25% increase in organic traffic compared to last year

The Brief

Lenovo is a leading company for technology products. With gadgets like laptops, PCs, phones, and tablets, this top technology manufacturer focuses on creating a powerful performance for technological advancements and innovation.

The Challenges

The challenges faced include



Optimizing the website content with the correct keywords


Finding keywords

Finding relevant keywords that will impact the site most effectively



Increasing web traffic

The Stats

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Increase in organic traffic

0 %

Organic traffic increase – UAE

0 %

Organic traffic increase – KSA

0 %

Organic traffic increase – Egypt

0 %

Organic traffic increase –
South Africa

The Look


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increase in
organic traffic

The team at Chain went through a thorough analysis in looking through Lenovo’s website content, making sure that we revised any fixes and keyword usage – creating optimal and effective results.

9,388 number of
visits achieved

Chain Reaction managed to increase the number of website visitors from 7,521 last year to 9,388. Having gone through a detailed analysis of the current content and with the utilization of the right keywords, we were able to increase the number of clicks and visitors.

Increase in organic traffic for all relevant
regions (UAE, KSA, Egypt, and South Africa).

After optimizing the content and ensuring we had the most optimal keyword to increase traffic, we implemented it all across the Lenovo MENA countries, resulting in an increase for all four countries.

keyword usage.

By choosing the right set of keywords that will appeal the most towards customers, we were able achieve a high increase of organic traffic for almost all of the targeted countries.



the company’s current website and measure its performance


Lenovo’s website into an SEO-friendly one


audiences using generic and relevant keywords


and fix any technical issues of Lenovo’s website


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