February 19

Chain Reaction’s Workshop Simplifies The Road Toward Boosting Online Revenue for Oasis 500 Entrepreneurs


Amman, Jordan, 25th May 2013, Chain Reaction, in partnership with Mindvalley, participated in a two-day event for entrepreneurs and business leaders. The workshops that were conducted at Oasis 500 evolved around the theme of boosting online revenue.

chain-reaction-oasis-500Oasis 500 is a platform for entrepreneurship development. It provides for aspiring business leaders the necessary entrepreneurship skills, incubation, and additional follow up services.

Saif Jarad, CEO of Chain Reaction, explained the significance of Search Engine Marketing and Optimization as integral tools for increasing online-targeted traffic, which ultimately helps businesses increase their sales and revenue. The services that Chain Reaction provides for its customers are aimed to support Jarad’s strategy of increasing website traffic. The event attendees at Oasis 500 were quite interested in the amazing results Chain Reaction has been granting its clients.

The event was a refreshing and an eloquent introduction of Chain Reaction to a new sector of potential clients and partners. Not only did Chain Reaction provide insightful tools of performance marketing, but it also referred to the ways in which these tools can lead to measurable results in terms of ROI and sales.


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