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Discover 5 of the tips and techniques performed by Chain Reaction’s professional SEO copywriters to create and optimize the most SEO-friendly content piece.


Are you a content professional who is attempting to optimize your content within a website to generate more traffic? Perhaps you are a business owner who is looking to have your services reach out for the right targeted audience.

We have 5 professional tips for SEO copywriting that will help you generate more traffic. We have just the tips for you, but first, we need to exactly identify what is SEO copywriting and how does it differ from regular copywriting.


What is SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting is the mechanism of producing a persuasive and creative content that include keywords which your audience use and optimizing your content to satisfy their search’s intent and answer their question on that specific topic you are writing about. In general, SEO copy is a creative copy that drives audience to share your content onto their social media platforms, thus increasing your authority and the relevancy of your content, making it rank higher in search engines.


How does SEO copywriting differ from regular copywriting?

Initially, both types of writing are very important and essential for any business, and both aspects of writing are made to be creative and compelling to your target audience. However, SEO copywriting differs in terms of being made specifically for the digital world. An SEO copy contains keywords, answers topics and suit people’s search intentions on a specific topic in google and contains a few marketing terms. Therefore, the SEO copy drives conversion, generates leads to your services or products and provokes a call-to-action, unlike any regular content piece which may not fulfill the SEO metrics and may not promote a call-to-action.


Professional tips for better SEO copywriting

As you dive deep into the world of SEO, you will understand that there are certain steps that must be done before you start writing, and in this segment we will uncover the best 5 pro tips that we promised to give you about SEO copywriting and they are:


Keyword research:

Keyword research is one of the most important steps in SEO copywriting, if you fail to get your keyword research right the ranking will become an uphill battle.

A keyword research must pinpoint the right keywords that your audience uses and must identify the right search intent that your target audience is looking for.


Understand the search intent of your audience:

Understanding the search intent of your audience will help you create a certain content format that answers their questions. Try to look for what your audience is searching for on google and try to formulate your content in a way to give them answers to their queries.


Monitor your competitors and the top-ranking pages:

It’s always a good idea to look for and read your competitors’ pages, in addition to the content that ranks the highest within the search engines, because that would wrap your mind around what tone of voice you should use in your copy and how your competitors are ranking on google.


Write a captivating Meta Title and Meta Description:

Writing meta data for each one of your pages is important, as this practice will tell the search engine how relevant your content is to the search results. It will also give a brief snippet about the page for your readers and target audience which will encourage them to enter your website.


Create an intriguing copy and create backlinks:

Building a great back linking strategy will always contribute in optimizing your content, especially when your content has been written carefully and is of high quality. The type of keywords you used and how your content answers your audience’s inquiries and the information you provide draw the blueprint of your backlinking strategy. Backlinks are votes of confidence given by your website to others or vice versa, and if your content is great you will receive backlinks from other websites which increases your traffic. It is also recommended to use backlinks in your own website by adding backlinks from your other highly engaged posts the thing that is known as internal backlines.


One final takeaway that we would like to add in terms of technicalities, is that you should monitor your site speed as well as its compatibility with mobile devices and tablets because that also is an important factor that increases traffic.


SEO copywriting is not as simple as writing a text, it is a strategy that demands proper research and analysis. When that is done right; your work will be much more efficient, and you will start getting the clicks which benefit your business.

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