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Voice search optimization strategy is the new best thing in the world of SEO, as according to a recent analysis made by web fx, sales from voice searches are expected to be at around 40 billion dollars by the end of 2020 and in the same year, around 50% of all searches will also be voice searches.  

So voice search optimization is highly important as the algorithms keep advancing every day, so does the world of SEO as it keeps evolving to satisfy users’ needs for ease of access to information in split seconds, and one of the aspects of such evolution is voice search!


What is voice search optimization? 

It is the process of optimizing your website to appear in voice search results on search engines. Voice search optimization gives your website the chance to be read out loud by a search engine, therefore, you would optimize for the way people conduct a search using their voice.


Why do people use voice search today?

The reason is because of our smartphones as they evolve and get new features including voice assistants. And as the voice assistants become smarter, they become more enabled to understand our day-to-day language, therefore, we rely more on voice searches as a hands-free feature, while driving or cooking for example.

It is becoming easier to use voice-enabled assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant and other similar software and devices. 

That is the reason why SEO specialists must adapt to the new changes and new voice search trends in order for us to be more efficient.


How to optimize your website for voice search? (Top 5 strategies)

Your website must be optimized for position V. Position V is the featured voice search result read aloud by either Alexa, Google, or any other voice search assistant. 

There are many ways to optimize your website for voice search and here they are:


1- Optimize your page speed:

Optimizing your website’s speed is an important SEO factor not only for text searches but also for voice search as Google favors the website that loads quickly to the point that it will choose the faster page out of two similar pages. 


2-Secure your website with SSL:

Google also favors websites that are secured and certified. The HTTPS protocol ensures Google bots that the website is trusted and as a result, it complies with all of white-hat SEO practices. 


3- Create an FAQ page for your website: 

You need to provide search engines with answers that your readers normally and verbally ask such as questions that are related to your industry so that Google can identify your industry and provide answers to the user accordingly. 


4- Create short and long-form content:

When your content is long and includes keywords along with answers that your target audience is looking for, the audience will stick around to read more of your content as the content becomes more valuable for them with those keywords.

Although long content is important, short-form content is also important for readers that are looking for short and quick answers to their question that they expect the search engines to provide.

5- Use conversational language: 

Using the language that is spoken by your users in their dialogue is an important factor for voice search queries. It is crucial to understand the searcher’s intent if you want to know how people are using verbal queries.


What to expect in the years to come?

The dependency on voice search is rising significantly and is expected to go higher along with the accuracy rate of the voice search results where it currently has reached new levels with Google Home answering 81% of the voice queries correctly as an example.


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