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DartsRight next to the photo of your friend’s graduation party on Facebook is a picture of a brand new guitar. The mahogany colored guitar looks sleek. The text below it is laconic pushing you to ask for more details.

Did I mention that you are an artist, your favorite color is mahogany, and you are drawn to shiny well-designed instruments? Well, that is not a coincidence. Facebook does know your hobby and your favorite color. In fact, Facebook might know some information that you don’t remember. Did you forget that nickelodeon band that you liked on

Facebook at the age of 13? Facebook did not forget.

Slightly discomforting yet hugely beneficial for the world of Marketing, what is known as Learned Targeting, is becoming a widely used tool in online and social media marketing.

The concept of Learned Targeting is based on the information found on social media websites or personal profiles. For instance, if you are an athlete and you like several teams on Facebook, your homepage will most likely be filled with sports-related ads. Hence, your activity online, which includes liking pages, commenting, and sharing certain posts becomes the input for companies to find their target.

A similar concept is utilized on search engines. “The keywords that you enter on Google or other similar search engines, is specifically what businesses need to reach out to you and sell you their products,” says Chain Reaction Digital Director, Firas Shahin. For instance, when you type “travelling” on Google, you will most likely find advertisements for airlines and hotels.

Targeted Marketing in the case of SEM and SEO is in a more-direct format. Whereas the results are closely matched with the search keywords, and there is no need for the user to have a profile filled with personal information.

Targeted Marketing is an incredibly useful tool. Businesses do not have to waste time and money sharing their ads with the wrong viewer (i.e. viewers who are not interested in the business’s products and services.) Instead, via targeted marketing, businesses can deliver their advertisements and offers based on the needs and desires of the viewers, and based on the probability that the viewer is searching for their specific products and services.

“We at Chain Reaction are helping our clients use targeted marketing via SEM, SEO, and Facebook ads,” says Firas. So far, targeted marketing has proven to be greatly efficient and profitable for the businesses that utilize it correctly. While targeted marketing appears initially as a simple concept, it is the fruit of a complicated process that requires extensive knowledge in the field of performance marketing.

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