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From closing the gender gap to introducing high-tech government service solutions, this year sees the UAE closer to achieving its innovative goals

Over the past 30 years, Dubai has utterly transformed from a dusty fishing village to a luxurious haven that is moving towards becoming the capital of the world. This irresistible spot is the ultimate sanctuary for creativity and success.

With an innovative vision to push Dubai’s transformation to the next level into becoming the most cutting-edge city on Earth, Dubai’s government presented a long-term growth strategy leading up to the UAE’s 50th anniversary, best known as the 2021 Vision. First introduced at the UAE Governmental Summit of 2014, the plan proposes various changes such as new government technology systems; educational upgrades like equipping all universities, schools, and students with smart systems and devices; a plan for raising the graduation rate for secondary school; the introduction of higher standards for subjects like mathematics, reading, and the sciences; a framework to ensure that all medical staff and institutions are up to par and accredited by respected international and local associations – all of the plan’s goals aim to cement Dubai’s status as a unique and outstanding global city.

2015’s Governmental Summit held various discussions regarding technological inventions and gender equality, which stated that immediate actions will be taken to improve the lives of women and balance the equilibrium to shape a better future for current and upcoming generations of female citizens. On the Global Gender Gap Report, the UAE currently sits at the 115th position. “The impact of a significant female presence in leadership roles has wide-ranging benefits on the economy, on governance, and on society at large,” says HH Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. “The UAE has always worked to dismantle barriers that create tension between the genders. We have a great opportunity to uncover new paths that we may walk on together.”

HRH Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashed Al Maktoum stated that by the beginning of 2021, all Emirate residents will have a customized dashboard, which could be used via a portable device or an application, will act as a single-window system to allow residents to smoothly access any governmental service at any time, assuring efficient service. HRH Sheikh Maktoum foresees many citizens using wearable gadgets like bracelets that will allow them to pay bills, remind them about medical appointments, inform them about high-traffic areas, and many other tasks in the dynamic and ever-changing city.

This year, Dubai continues to shake hands with the future by demanding higher standards of performance and cutting-edge innovations.

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