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Google AdwordsGoogle is set to roll out Google Adwords enhanced campaigns within the coming weeks. The new campaigns are expected to give marketers a simple way of advertising across multiple devices.

The enhanced campaigns are geared towards reaching targeted audience with optimal ads irrespective of the devices they use while simplifying the campaign process at the same time. They ensure marketers reach customers in their niche markets with relevant ads that take a variety of things into account, including:
  • Type of device
  • Time of day
  • Location
Users will achieve this without managing multiple campaigns separately. This is a radical change from what has been happening before. Previously, marketers had to prepare different campaigns if they wanted to advertise on both mobile and desktop devices.

Google Adwords enhanced campaigns allow users to run single campaigns that can be used across multiple devices. It is easy to modify campaigns to suit different contexts, such as bidding more or less money depending on type of device and geographical location. The ads can also be modified to pass different messages depending on device used. For example, an ad aimed for desktop devices may call prospects to send e-mail while that geared for mobile devices will urge them to make a call.

A few SEM companies have started testing the enhanced campaigns and have mixed reactions. For example, while some appreciate the advanced reporting features, they also state the Google over-simplified the process, leaving mobile devices with too few options.

One of the complaints is that marketers can no longer specifically target tablets with their campaigns. While many people use tablets more like computers, lumping ads in the same group as PCs makes more money for Google


According to Paul DeJarnatt of Starcom USA, the largest beneficiary of Google Adwords enhanced campaigns seems to be Google, at least for the time being.

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