Chain Reaction Helps Customers Reach Facebook Customers

January 6

Facebook Tips

Chain Reaction Helps Customers Reach Facebook Customers



These days, the one place you find your family, friends and business associates is on Facebook. Even a few minutes a day catches a person up on what is going on with friends or a business. But the truth is, most individuals spend much more than a few minutes on Facebook. This makes Facebook advertising a prime method for reaching a targeted consumer.

Facebook advertising works because there are millions and millions of Facebook users, which means there are millions and millions of potential customers for your products. However, using social media, such as Facebook, to reach customers is not like old-fashioned advertising in print or even television.

Facebook advertising is placed along the right side of the user’s page. These display ads reflect the interests of the Facebook user. Demographics are important in any advertising campaign.

Facebook allows advertisers to target specific potential consumers. The targeting can be focused as narrow or wide as the advertiser desires, depending upon the promotion. These ads can promote a product, service, event, a webinar or something else entirely to draw customers to your business.

The advertiser first needs to decide where to direct those who click on the ad, whether to a dedicated business Facebook page or another website. While images are important, the purpose of these display ads isn’t all about a hard sell. Instead, social media ads, such as those on Facebook, are about interacting with potential customers and building trust. Offering something of value–information, an ebook or a product – is one way to engage potential customers.

Chain Reaction, a lead online marketing agency, assists their customers in putting together promotions that target the right demographics for the business through the use of social media, such as Facebook. Chain Reaction knows how to advertise on Facebook not only to reach customers, but also to do so cost effectively.


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