December 9

Chain Reaction, Google, and Twitter held their first marketing workshop in Jordan


Chain Reaction, Google, and Twitter held their very first digital workshop at Zain Innovation Campus in Amman, Jordan.

The event was held on Nov, 21, 2017, discussing the importance of digital marketing and the essentials of Search Engine Optimization, Google products, and updates on Twitter.

The digital workshop was greeted with enthusiasm as around 150 people attended from all backgrounds and sectors.


It started with a session from Google Account Manager Jad Khalil explaining about the importance of Google and how it could help with online marketing strategies, followed by Chain Reaction Performance Director Hatem Jarad speaking about website analytics.

Chain Reaction  SEO Manager Mohammad Ghazawi presented about the right SEO strategies for an E-commerce website, then our SEO & ASO Manager Furat Mohammad continued presented “7 tips to improve your App ranking” , ending with Twitter Sales Manager Nada Samara explaining about the latest trends and updates at Twitter.

The event was aimed at creating awareness about digital marketing in an industry of on-going trends as well as insights on creating the right marketing strategy.

The workshop was highly addressed by Zain CEO Ahmad Al-Hanandeh speaking about the importance of digital marketing and its implementation in everyday business.

Chain Reaction CEO Saif Jarad also shared his fair share of excitements during the event, greeting the workshop with his own speech on the essentials of digital marketing.

“We are honored to be holding our very first digital workshop with Google and Twitter,” He said.

“We hope this event will shed some light on the world of digital marketing.”

The event was taken well by the attendees stating their satisfaction of the different presentations.

“I really enjoyed [the workshop], I thought it was very useful seeing that I do work in the digital marketing field,” one attendee stated.

Other highlights of the event included a live broadcast of the event for those looking to take part but did not have time to attend.

The Chain Reaction team said they were very happy with the end results and expected more similar events in the future.

For more information about the workshop and presentations, check out @chainreaction on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn at #digitalworkshop.


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