App Store Optimization (ASO)

What is ASO?

App store optimization or ASO is a process of optimizing mobile apps in order to receive the best outcome in app store search results; so it is pretty much the app version of SEO. The goal of ASO is to increase the amount of traffic or viewers that will visit your app page through the app store. This is done in the hopes that more people will download your app. As like SEO – and the push for people to visit your landing page – ASO was created to push people to visit your app page.

As we all know, officially the world now revolves around mobiles, so mostly everyone will accomplish everything through a mobile – which is why everything is pretty much app-based these days. Many people today depend on apps for any type of service and purchase, which is why company adaptability is crucial; also an important aspect to note, to make sure your app is available via iOS and Android.

ASO comes in as the mobile version of SEO. The goal of ASO itself is to generate the top rank within the app search page – in other words increase your app’s traffic and conversion rate. According to Forrester, 63% of apps are discovered through app store searches; so getting that top rank is crucial.

The optimization of your apps focus – again – on keywords. The process itself works the same way as SEO; meaning the utilization of specific and popular keywords that will result in the best outcome. It is all about strategizing the content of your app store page and making it enticing towards the readers. This is also an important aspect to note, that ASO – like SEO – also requires a lot of research in terms of its keywords and target market; remembering that there are two groups to watch out for – App Store and Google Play.

How does ASO Agency benefit your business?

ASO provides a number of benefits worth noting for your business. Below are just a few from a wide spectrum.

  • Increase traffic. The aim of ASO is to increase the traffic of your app – to push people to download your app. The more people download your app, the higher the chances of sales pulling through, which in turn will benefit your company greatly. The point of the app is to create a simpler shopping experience from your phone, so more downloads mean more conversions.
  • Increase income. As mentioned before, the goal of more downloads from your app will likely result in more purchase for your company; thus resulting in a higher income. The utilization of ASO for your company will result in higher rankings for your mobile app – which will increase your sales in the long run.
  • Greater online presence. The fact that many people are downloading your app will also result greatly for your online presence. Having your app appear at the top of the search result means your company is officially in. People are more likely to go for the app that appears at the top – as a symbol that it is the one most recommended.
  • Greater customer loyalty. Having an effective and popular app within the mobile world will create a greater chance of customer or brand loyalty. The fact that you can provide an application that is mobile friendly and creates a simpler method of purchase, means you are following the consumer’s needs. Customers will appreciate the adaptive characteristics of your company, and with an app that appears on the top of the search results, it only means that your app provides the best service.


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