Russian SEO

Has your company thought about the possibility of reaching the Russian market? Not only can you expand your business into the Chinese market – with Chain Reaction, your company can also expand into Russia through SEO.



Russia is the world’s largest nation with a population ranked at 9th among other countries at 143.5 million people. Russian is the 4th most-spoken language globally, with 250-300 million speakers. The number-one Russian search engine is not Google – as many may believe, but is Yandex. The Yandex search engine controls 61.9% of search engine traffic, making it the most-used search engine in Russia. Yandex shows ads to more than 60 million people every day.

Chain Reaction partners with Russia’s top search engine Yandex.. In working with Chain Reaction, your company will gain access to the 60 million people who view ads on Yandex every day – which will prove profitable for your business. Also, it will help gain more faithful consumers to buy your products.

Chain Reaction and Yandex

Currently 57% of the Russian population is online. Most of the internet users in Russia are rather young – with ages 18-24 using 99% of the internet. This is important information to know because teens and young adults have a lot of influence on the buying decisions of their parents. Chain Reaction partners with the Russian search engine to ensure your business will get the best optimization results. Every search engine has their own algorithms.

The SEO experts at Chain Reaction along with Yandex in Russia will work with you to ensure you get the best results for your product. Chain Reaction and Yandex will work to translate your content – to allow the Russian market to see your products and services. Chain Reaction is the only company that can give you access to the number one Russian search engine; which is why it is beneficial for your business to work with us.

Russian Consumerism

How can reaching consumers on a Russian search engine help your business? Russia is known for being one of the countries with the most millionaires and billionaires. In data found from 2012, 24 million Russians used the Russian search engine – Yandex; and spent $14.5 billion buying on e-commerce shops. When you join Chain Reaction, your business will get the chance to build your brand in a Russian market using Russian SEO – where there is a lot of revenue to be gained with the proper SEO rankings. The MENA region is the number one travel location for Russians. Bringing your business to Chain Reaction allows your company to sell its products on many platforms, one of them being the market in Russia.