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People who have been to Russia know that it’s a world of its own; with its digital marketing platform that is dominated by millions of its local brains and controlled by its incalculable consumers and their habits, its market is constantly rising. Classified as the 6th country with the most sales revenue; the native Russian language is currently leading both business and private communication sectors.

Along with the increased usage of smartphones and handheld technology, the internet penetration percentage is swiftly rising in the Russian industries. To help you picture its massive market, imagine Google ranking second while Yandex ranks first as the most utilized search engine in the country, and social media platforms like Facebook are replaced for native platforms like OK and VK.


Entering the Russian market is a goal that should be set for each and every business because it will prove to be both profitable and effective with the right SEO techniques. Partnering up with Yandex got us to witness streaks of success stories and experiences with our clients. With over 60 million people viewing ads on Yandex on a daily basis, your company will gain the visibility it’s been striving for and the sales it’s been working hard to achieve.

The SEO specialists at Chain Reaction and Yandex’s Russian experts will work with you simultaneously to ensure you get the best results for your product; translating your content and consequently enabling the Russian market to notice your products and services. We are proud to say that Chain Reaction is the only company that granting you access to the number one Russian search engine, are you in?