The Galleria reached a 30%
increase in organic traffic within
the span of 12 months.

The Brief

The Galleria is your one-stop center for luxury shopping and dining destination set on the waterfront promenade in Abu Dhabi. Built in August 2013, it has now become home to one of the world’s most iconic luxury fashion, jewelry brands, and world class dining.

The Challenges

Some Challenges Faced During This Campaign Included



any website
development bugs



the wordpress version
& any plugins that needed



some outdated or
unused website
pages that need removal



lack of content and
optimized content
within pages



lack of website speed

The Look

The Galleria macbook

The Stats

0 %

Increase In

Organic Traffic

0 ST

Three Pages Of Search

Results (Keywords Results)

0 %

Unique Visitor

Mobile friendly

( User experiance )


  • 30% increase in organic traffic. The Chain Reaction team did a full analysis on the current Galleria website. After thorough research and analysis, we were able to create a more optimized site with the relevant keywords, which in turn, resulted in an increase of organic traffic.
  • Mobile friendly. By optimizing the content of the site and also the layout and structure of the site itself, we were able to create a mobile-friendly site that is easily accessible in both desktop and mobile.
  • 23% increase in unique visits. Having gone through Galleria’s website, we were able to optimize most of the technical difficulties, such as any inaccurate links and URLs as well as any updates that needed to be taken. We also optimized the content by adding relevant keywords and additional content. This resulted in a more enjoyable site which led to the increase of unique visitors.
  • 1 st three pages on the keyword search results. We managed to rank within the first three pages on for more than 100 keywords, as well as appearing on the first three pages for more than 893,390 yearly search volume, thanks to our SEO optimization.


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