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The success of any SEO campaign is to be measured and identified by well defined goals and objectives. When hiring an SEO agency, you should set a list of objectives to achieve.

Have you asked yourself: What are the goals behind my SEO campaign?

Companies are falsely hiring internet marketing agencies just to get the best rank on search engines and increase their traffic, while SEO isn’t all about that.

So, how could you decide if your SEO services campaign is heading on the right track?

  1. Your SEO Estimated Revenue Value:

When it comes to the revenue value of SEO, you can calculate it as a PPC campaign; estimating the Cost per Visitor.

For example: If website A has 5000 visitors, spends 500 $ on the campaign, and sells 400 pieces per month at 4 $ each, the profit is calculated as follows:

400 * 4 = 1600$

1600/5000 = .32$ per visitor.

500 / 5000 = 0.1$

Hence, the profit is 0.22$ per visitor.

  1. Conversion Rate :

Conversion Rate is defined as the number of desired goals achieved divided by number of visits.

Desired action can be buying a product, registration, filling out a form, downloading software or even subscribing in a newsletter.

How is that achieved?

More people will do a conversion if your website is easily used.

  • Know your audience and your visitors.
  • Focus on User Experience and Usability.
  • Be clear and honest about the information provided to the user.
  • Win your user’s trust.
  • Build a good navigation ground.
  1. Target the right customers and consumers.

Does your SEO plan target the right customers, whom you’re trying to reach? Does it reach your right customers’ age and gender and could be directed to a specific country or region?

  1. Increased in brand visibility:

on of the Digital Marketing Services main goal is brand visibility refers to gaining and winning the attention and consideration of your targeted audience, as many brands are competing for one specific market; brand visibility.

Getting top rankings on different search engines in addition to more users’ clicks on your website will create brand presence. This requires writing unique content, good design, link building and many more.

Be aware, your brand should be placed in the right place and the right market!

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