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In a world where everything is headed towards automatic, marketing is now becoming the main target. In this society of almost nothing but digital marketing, it’s surprising that a form of automated marketing did not start from long ago. As many of you may know now, advertising is headed towards an automated scene as well – in fact, it’s already there. For those of you who don’t know what all the fuss is about, it’s all about programmatic advertising these days.

What is programmatic advertising?

It’s still no surprise that many people are still confused about this term, so pretty much programmatic advertising is like stock buying – if you’re into stocks. It can be defined as the process of buying ad space or media buying through machines or the process of purchasing ad impressions through machines. Impressions are typically known as an ad view or the point where somebody views your ad once. This is done through real-time bidding (RTB), where buyers bid on impressions in order to get that publisher’s ad spot.

This bidding is naturally done through ad networks – where interest parties can buy impressions in bulks – or ad exchanges – where agencies can choose specific audiences in which then ads may be placed based on that specialized target market.

So yes, programmatic ads is a big deal; in fact, according to a 2016 report by eMarketer, US programmatic digital display ad spending accounts for 67% of digital display ad spending.

That said, what are some secrets of this automated process that we need to know about?

Not only through computers. Programmatic ads no longer only revolve around your computer; they now have access to TV inventory with plenty of ad time for TV delivered via the web. So this now provides opportunities for our beloved TV platform.

All about data. Programmatic ads are all about data. You are now paying for only effective ads – which is pretty much a revelation in the marketing world. With programmatic ads, we can now analyze what works best – from geography, time of day, audience segments, and more.

Mobile is not a friend. Apparently, the programmatic system of this type of ad highly relies on cookies and in a world where mobile is not much effective in that area, it is not an easy task to penetrate through this system.

The social network, also a problem. Social networking sites function as a competitor within this field as well. Social media allows the creation for programmatic ads as well, where they have created their own platforms to do so with the capability to display across all web platforms.

Not only display ads. With the popularity of programmatic ads today, many publishers have created a range of forms of ad displays. Aside from your standard banner ads, there many forms of ads out there – from interactive, videos, animated, etc.; all with different budget packages as well.

So, in the end, we can establish that despite the ups and downs, programmatic ads still play a huge role in the lives of advertisers and marketers and will continue to do so for a while – so don’t panic.

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