August 28

Digital Marketing Advantages Vs Traditional Marketing


Why to use Digital Online Marketing over Traditional Marketing ?

Digital Marketing refers to marketing and advertising made over the internet. It’s also acknowledged and well known as Online Marketing and Web marketing.

According to Nielsen’s quarterly global Ad View Pulse report, Online Marketing is becoming increasingly important. The report shows continual growth in the online ad spending throughout the first quarter of 2012, and numbers indicate that advertisers and marketers are spending 12.1 % on internet ads, illustrating major growth rates in comparison with numbers calculated one year ago.

Internet Marketing can be divided into many main areas such as: SEO, SEM, Banner Ads, E-mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing, affiliate marketing, mobile marketing and many other areas.

How Important Is It?

What makes online marketing different from traditional media mediums (radio, TV, newspapers, magazines ETC …) ?

o    Broad reach; companies can reach more customers and clients to promote services and products.

o    Marketers and advertisers can measure the performance of their ads and their marketing strategy.

o    Online Marketing enables you to have a demographic targeted audience, where you can target users based on their gender, age and geographic region.

o    Using online tracking tools allows businesses to test and measure the conversion rate of the campaign, even if your marketing strategy doesn’t reach the estimated ROI, it could be working perfectly without the need to launch an expensive campaign.

o    Internet Marketing is inexpensive compared with traditional media. In addition, traditional ways only run for a short term while search engine optimizations deliver long term results.

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