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The secret to sustained success for any business is achieving consistent growth. This not only helps you to stay ahead of competitors but also to increase revenue and remain relevant. Marketing is central to this and something to focus on.

To achieve a marketing solution that is truly integrated, your business must understand its revenue, content and customers across all areas. If you don’t yet track your marketing efforts, you could waste time making justifications for ad spending rather than focusing on campaign strategy. This might also see your company know where leads appear from but have no firm grasp of ongoing customer journeys.

HubSpot is a common piece of marketing software that businesses use to fuel growth and answer the above points. The secret though is to get everything you can from it to maximise your marketing efforts. Harnessing the full power of HubSpot will not only potentially improve marketing ROIs but also use integration/automation to help your company grow.

But just how can your business use HubSpot’s full power to its advantage?

Use Paid Ad Plugins

The chances are that Enterprise or Pro HubSpot users have paid ad plugins installed or available to them. It is key to use this feature though to help get the most from any marketing campaigns. The ad plugins mean you can understand when, how and where a lead appeared from. This, in turn, allows you to grasp whether ads in Google are converting into leads and how people came across them. In addition, this feature enables you to dig into what time of day most conversions happen, what content is behind conversions and which platform they are from.

Track Offline Conversions

In the past, effectively tracking offline conversions was like trying to find the end of a rainbow. This was because businesses found it tough to see which parts of your process were creating an exit point. HubSpot though makes this a lot easier with its B2B offline conversion tracker. Also known as the ‘Ads Optimisation Events Integration’ tool, it is a real game-changer for tracking sales.

But how does it work? With this feature, you can see instantly where consumers were won or lost in the whole process. It also enables businesses to pin down offline sales to their source (such as Facebook) and invest more time into showing platforms like this what top-quality leads include. By using the AI functionality already present, you can improve ads and create better performing campaigns to fuel future growth.

Make Use Of Email Marketing Lists

Lists can be used in HubSpot to manage your clients but also to help win back lost ones. The best way to understand this is with an example. If you have just noticed a lead go to a competitor and seen them sign up on a 2-year deal, you should add the lead to a lost-client contract list in HubSpot. This enables you to automate the process of re-engagement 22 or 23 months later – just at the time, they might be looking to change provider.

HubSpot lists are also handy when making improvements to the customer journey. Lists that are active will populate automatically when key user data is known. This data can then be used to segment users who are similar and provide them with custom content.

Collect Better Information With Content Tracking

Most businesses want an in-depth view of how effective any marketing campaigns are. HubSpot can help here because it has tracking URLs available to use. These codes act like digital homing beacons which monitor traffic from a marketing campaign to a page.

They also come with the ability to define customised parameters and tell HubSpot how to record any data collected. This can be very handy when you have numerous campaigns active and use tracking URLs to split incoming information between them. Making sure each piece of content has a HubSpot URL code attached allows you to see what is working and what needs tweaking.

Hubspot’s Powerful Features Can Help With Growth

The tools listed above are superb ways to harness HubSpot’s full power and get the most from it. They should not be used as standalone solutions though. It is essential to use marketing tech to its full potential and use a variety of tech solutions together to help. With the right code integration, content tracking and automation though, you should be able to scale up simply but without too much hassle. HubSpot is undoubtedly a key piece of software to help organisation grow and using it to its full extent is worth focusing on.


When it Comes To Hubspot…We Can Help!

We might have mentioned that here at Chain Reaction, we live and breathe inbound marketing – and our partnership with HubSpot is a testament to our passion for achieving success with inbound. If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of working with a certified partner that knows HubSpot inside and out,  don’t hesitate to reach out. 


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