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Google search trends vary wildly across the globe. Led by linguistic, cultural, and economic factors that can be hard to predict and even harder to analyze – for the purpose of creating effective SEO and SEM campaigns. Digital marketing experts need to ask a lot of questions in order to create successful marketing strategies; how do people word searches for your brand? How are people searching for your competition? When is search for your business at its highest? What about its lowest?

Tools like Google Trends utilizes real-time data from users across the world so that we can understand how customers are behaving in any given market. You can compare search terms according to category – such as images, news, or products; or check out the top charts of the month to get a macro image of what’s trending.

In the Middle East, understanding search trends can be a bit complicated for a number of reasons. One factor is language. While UAE residents tend to search and browse in English, for example, most people in Saudi Arabia are searching in Arabic or using transliterated terms. The complex nature of MENA-region search trends makes using Arabic SEO and Arabic SEM experts even more important. Read on for an overview of what’s popular in Google search trends for the MENA region today.


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