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Check out the difference between Google Analytics G4 Vs Universal in an infographic. The main differences in filters, tracking, traffic, Goals, and conversions.



Written by Wassim Moumneh, Infographic by Furat Jarad (our head of SEO)


Infographic Text:

1. New Data in GA4 vs universal

> What’s New in GA4 New Data.

When you create a Google Analytics 4 property, or upgrade your existing account, you will start with fresh data across the board. While your existing Universal Analytics properties will not lose any data, and you can continue to use it, the Google Analytics for property will start collecting new session/user data, and will unfortunately not have any historical data within the property.

> Implications on New data in GA4:

We recommend having both the Universal Analytics property and the GA4 property on the website together for the time being

2. Goals and Conversions in GA4 Vs Universal

> What’s New in GA4 Goals and Conversions

There are no “goals” in GA4, just conversions. Conversions must be event-based and not URL based

> Implications on Goals and Conversions in GA4:

We need to enable the enhanced measurement event tracking setting to auto-capture more events and then start to assign certain events as conversions within the property.

GA4 makes it easy for us to track standard event types like link clicks, file downloads in video plays without a single touch of code or Tag Manager. On the other hand, creating additional event types for things like e-commerce, or custom form conversions may prove to be difficult for those who are not very technical!


3. Views and Filters in GA4 Vs Universal

> What’s New in GA4 Views and Filters

There are no “views” to be found. Filters are now found at the property level!

> Implications on Views and Filters in GA4:

By default, the new Google Analytics filters out bot and spam traffic automatically. However, we still need to go in to the property and exclude our internal traffic, development environments, etc

4. Event Tracking in GA4 Vs Universal

> What’s New in GA4 Event Tracking

Unlike Universal Analytics, where an event was a “hit type, in GA4, all hits are events

> Implications on Event tracking in GA4:

Most meaningful l events in the browser or app are automatically being captured and sent to the property. This is a benefit to those who are less technical but could potentially add a lot of noise and confusion within the property by the sheer volume of events available

5. Channel Grouping in GA4 Vs Universal

> What’s New in GA4 Channel grouping

GA4 focuses less on channel groupings and more on source/medium combinations to analyze traffic acquisition sources and attribution.

> Implications on Channel Grouping in GA4:

For the new channel groupings, they have separated “Paid Social” from “Paid Search”

6. Insights and AI in GA4 Vs Universal

> What’s New in GA4 Channel grouping

Google is leveraging their best machine learning technology to provide automated insights and intelligence to analytics users

> Implications on Channel Grouping in GA4:

New insights and visibility on problem triggers. Google has mentioned that they may use these machine learning tools for future features such as forecasting conversions, right-sizing sessions to offset data privacy losses, and more.

7. Reporting and Analytics in GA4 Vs Universal

> What’s New in GA4 Reporting

Expansion of the reporting, analysis, and customization tools.

> Implications on Reporting in GA4:

We are able to analyze user behaviour with improved user experience and visibility in ways that we have never been able to before in Universal Analytics. Improved funnel analysis, user retention, and cross-device tools

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