February 19

Chain Reaction; The First Local Company to Become Google Analytics Certified


Chain Reaction set for itself a milestone to become a Google analytics certified partner. On the 25th of April 2013, Chain Reaction successfully received the Google Analytics Certification and became the first local company to be Google Analytics certified.

Google-Analytics-certified-chain-reaction-first-company-menaIn general, Google Analytics generates much more detailed information regarding a website’s aggregate traffic, not just traffic from the search campaign. However, this newly gained award provides Chain Reaction with more access to advanced Google analytics tools and support materials. Chain Reaction is highly capable of analyzing a user’s behavior on a certain website, customizing reports, segmentation of traffic, and monitoring KPI’s.

The outcome of such certificate is reflected in the quality of information that we’re able to retrieve for our clients and ultimately affects the performance of the campaigns we manage on behalf of our clients. Chain Reaction is stepping up the game in the entire region, and is proud to have taken an extra leap towards delivering excellent results for our clients.


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