March 19

Custom Reports in Google Analytics


If you’ve been experimenting with search engine optimization but haven’t had any luck, you may just be wasting your time and resources. Search engine optimization is a complicated process that is constantly changing and becoming stricter, and Chain Reaction is a company that keeps updated on these changes and can help you boost your rankings in search engine results. Don’t believe it? That’s what custom reports in Google Analytics are for!

It’s difficult to know exactly how much your SEO practices are working without custom reports. Sure, you could go ahead and try to guess by watching your profit from each month, whether that be from your advertisements or from a product that you’re trying to sell on your page.

It is highly recommended that you don’t try to guess off of this information because it is very unreliable. For instance, if you chance something about your website, it could increase the amount of people that make a purchase compared to how many people visit your website, or have a complete opposite effect.

Custom reports in Google Analytics bring up a report of how many people are visiting your website, and where a majority of your traffic is coming from. You can see what search engines your website is doing well with, and see where you need to improve to further your traffic growth.

These reports will show you the trend of your website over time. You can see the amount of traffic that you had before using Chain Reaction, and watch it grow over time as they continually work on your website. These reports build confidence in their program while using it and prove that the methods being put to use are actually working. This is Chain Reaction’s way of showing you that you are in good hands.

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