November 9

Chain Reaction And Google Event in Amman, 21 November 2017


Chain Reaction and Google joining forces to challenge Jordan’s digital marketing scene


Chain Reaction and Google are holding their first-ever digital marketing workshop in Jordan, covering all the essentials of digital strategies and campaigns.

The event will be held on 21 November with an aim of creating more awareness about proper digital marketing strategies.

The Dubai-based digital agency decided to team up with multinational technology mogul to spread the word of digital marketing to those interested.

“We are very excited to be having this event and we hope it will be beneficial for all those who attend,” Chain Reaction CEO Saif Jarad said.

The collaborative workshop will cover topics about Google Analytics, Google Adwords, latest marketing trends, search engine optimization, and app store optimization.

It will be held at shared innovation space Zinc Innovation Campus in Business Park in Amman, Jordan.

It is open to all public interested in digital strategies, great for those working in e-commerce and marketing.

“By covering the essentials of digital strategies and the current marketing trends, we hope to build a greater understanding of the capabilities of Google and search optimization for marketing strategies,” Saif Jarad said.

Both parties were excited to launch this first-time event and encouraged those who were interested to participate.

>> For those interested in the event, register here.<<


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