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Some have referred to Baidu as the Google of China. It is their most popular search engine, and it is now looking to expand into markets in the middle east. Since Google is banned in the country, Baidu has has little competition in the Chinese market.

They are hoping to bridge this level of influence into something that they can use to get a piece of the Middle East market.Already, Baidu has been released on Android phones in Egypt. The phones are very popular in the country, and now Baidu is hoping to get some more of the search market in the country. Baidu has shown that they are some 20% faster at loading times than either Firefox, Chrome, or Opera. These claims have even been backed up by independent tests. This has meant that the company has plenty to offer to those who want to get on their favorite websites as quickly as possible. In particular, people like the ability to get on the social media websites quite quickly.

Chain Reaction, as the only authorized re-seller in the Middle East has seen the opportunities that are coming along with Baidu are also going to be big opportunities for them. With the numerous services that this company offers, they are hoping to encourage Internet savvy individuals in the Middle East to trust their services and use them often.

Everything from SEO to SEM and everything in between is offered by Chain Reaction. They are a trusted source for providing these services to any website on the Internet, and their positioning in the Middle Eastern market is quite an advantage. They are permitted because they are trusted and almost universally liked. It is quite clear that this is the company to go with for the creation and improvement of websites.

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