Web Analytics Process

Chain Reaction offers web analytics that is driven for your ideal results. The SEO and SEM experts at Chain Reaction recognize the importance of knowing your website's audience; and they strive to develop your website so that your company gets the best results.


Conversion Generation & Behavior Analysis

Conversion rates typically range from one to three percent; meaning that approximately 97% of those visiting your website are not engaged or interested. At Chain Reaction, we take a very serious interest in your audience – what motivates them? What are their behaviors? Using our expert web analytics team, we can decipher data from your website to understand the paths that your customers take when they click and when they convert. For a closer look at ways to improve your conversation rate and get to know your customers’ behavior better, reach out to us today.

Implementation and Set-Up

Setting up Google Analytics can be an extremely complex task – why not let our team of expert analysts do it for you? From creating the dashboard to setting up conversion goals and linking Google Analytics to your Google AdWords account; every setup task is a part of our collection of professional services. Call us today to get a free AdWords Audit.

Testing & Optimization

The most important part of the web analytics process is testing and optimization. This is because it is where the results happen. Which part of your website do your visitors love the most? Which page do they visit most often? When do they leave? Adjusting to an ever-changing market can be difficult – especially when you’re not equipped with the right information. Within our web analytics department, we listen to the market and decode the numbers so you don’t have to. Next, we prepare a digital marketing strategy specific to your brand and test it. Once a strategy is approved, we’ll follow the campaign’s performance and analyze the results against the KPIs; also target conversion rates. Our team of experts will continue to monitor the progress of the strategy; tweaking and improving it along the way.