Mobile SEO

Are you aware of the increasing importance of consumer mobile usages? There will soon be 1 smartphone to every five people in the world. With the world population currently at 7.125 billion, a gigantic portion of the world is using smart mobile devices. With mobile phones set to outnumber the number of people in the world, mobile SEO has become crucial to business success

Mobile SEO

Provide the same content to both mobile and desktop visitors


Mobile Information

Mobile SEO is becoming increasingly important because of the increase in mobile usage. As of now, people are using mobile to access the web 99.5% of the time to access content and information. 41.7% of the time people are downloading and using apps, and finally 63.1% of the time people are accessing the internet to surf the web. Search is the number one web-based activity on mobile devices; this explains the importance of ensuring a prime position on mobile searches. People are using their mobile devices at a higher rate to do research, and to buy products. Ignoring the importance of mobile SEO could hinder your business’ increase in revenue.

Desktop vs. Mobile

The differences between desktop and mobile SEO offer interesting challenges and opportunities for forward-thinking brands. On mobile, consumers have different behaviors and the digital shelf is smaller – meaning that if your website is not on top of the search page, chances are you may miss out on thousands of visitors and conversions. Another major difference between mobile and desktop SEO is that they do not use the same keywords: for example, when someone searches for printed coupons on a desktop, they would search for coupons that can be scanned by phone on their mobiles. Mobile searches also use different algorithms for better mobile user experience. Luckily, our team understands the subtle differences between mobile and desktop SEO. Let’s put our expertise to use to make sure that your website’s mobile rankings give your brand maximum visibility and conversions.

The SEO scene is rapidly changing for the better. It is important for your business to stay on top of desktop SEO; it is vital for your business to enhance your mobile SEO. The usage of mobile more frequently than desktop will continue to increase into the future, and it is best to get ahead. Your brand needs to predict and adapt to new ways to keep growing forward. Chain Reaction will work with you to keep your mobile presence on top of the times. Contact us for more information about the agile approach that is at the core of our mobile SEO services suite.