Axiom telecom

reached 533% growth and 417%
increase revenue

 within the UAE & KS
thanks our SEO team

The Brief

AutoMe is one of the best online websites for car rental services. Available around the world, this online rental service provides a number of car options with some of the cheapest deals around.

The Challenges

Some challenges faced during this campaign included:



Optimizing AutoMe’s site towards consumers.



Ensuring a user-friendly content for the consumers.



Utilizing the right keywords for website optimization.


Missing content

Missing content or non-user-friendly content.

The Stats


  • 667% organic traffic increase

    Our team at Chain Reaction did a thorough analysis of AutoMe’s current status and online presence. After understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the site, we were able to optimize the content and achieve top organic traffic results.

  • 697% increase in page views

    As with AutoMe’s organic traffic increase, thanks to Chain Reaction’s optimization process and taking advantage of the right keywords, we managed to increase the amount of page clicks and views.

  • 113 keywords ranked within the first 3 results (Kuwait, UAE, & KSA)

    By optimizing all the pages with the right content and keywords, we were able to produce a total of 113 keywords within the first 3 search results of the search pages for Kuwait, UAE, and KSA – with 10 keywords on the first page for Kuwait. Through this we also managed to achieve a total of 439 keywords on the first page of the search engine results.

What we had to do?


Analyze the company’s current website and measure its performance


reevaluate and fix any technical issues of autome’s website


Transform AutoMe’s website into an SEO-friendly one


attract audiences using generic keywords


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