The online world is something that is inevitable in today’s society – whether you’re in a corporate business, non-profit, or just an independent startup. It is something that cannot be avoided – not only in Jordan, but world-wide. So the question is how relevant is it to current industries in Jordan?


We can start by seeing that a majority of Jordan companies that you Google will appear with their own websites; with some link to a social media page in there somewhere. Obviously, the world has shifted to an online space; heck even the Jordan Times has an online version.

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Think of it as a high school scenario where in order to fit in with “the popular crowd” you need to follow the latest trends – which in this case would be the internet and the “populars” being the big most known companies in Jordan, like the Arab Bank and Citi Bank. They are the two top words to pop out if you enter “banks in Jordan” in Google. So the high school system that is the industry of today has made it obligatory for any company to have a form of digital space and marketing.

This weird high-school based system is the case with Jordan as well. Jordan had ranked the second highest country for internet usage in the Arab world at 47% and ranks third in engagement for social networking sites. So obviously, digital marketing is not something that can be avoided any more in Jordan; with a high percentage of people coming online.

Even the PEW Research Centre showed that of the 36 respondents that use internet in Jordan taken, 29 use social media – only seven said no.

Bare in mind that 95% of Jordanians own mobile phones as well; so now you would be absolutely ridiculous not to take digital marketing into account for a business strategy. High internet usage + High mobile phones = Digital marketing goldmine.

Again, if we talk about Arab Bank and Citi Bank, they obviously have the right idea; they utilize the use of those high online percentage by latching themselves to the word “banks in Jordan” (SEO). This resulted in their sites or name popping out in some site (SEM); thus linking it to their official site thus linking it to their social media accounts.


This cycle of digital marketing has become a core importance for businesses in Jordan. It is not only used within the banking industry, but for most industries and companies today; cause let’s be honest, we use Google for everything. So, we can some it up to: if you want to roll with the popular crowd, try going digital. Also, more or less try being social to get your message through


With major competitiveness going on in the Google world, search engine marketing plays a great role in getting trends higher. It also makes certain campaigns easily spreadable and digested by the target audience and to interested parties – whenever and whatever they are doing.