BournHall Clinic Case Study



If you run a reputable IVF clinic in Dubai such as Bourn Hall Clinic, understand the value of using the SEO method.

An IVF clinic in Dubai needs the best reputation that it can get. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a system that involves fertilizing an egg in vitro or outside of the body. Many infertile people use this method as the last resort. Doctors would watch the ovulatory and fertilization processes carefully. Then, a doctor would place the fertilized egg in the woman’s uterus for the entire pregnancy. It is a complex process that many people do not know everything about.


A reliable company has pages that are optimized for top-notch visibility. When you use SEO, you create a high-ranking brand name for your company. When people look for your business, they type in certain keywords. Use the right words and phrases on your pages. Also, increase the rates of your sales conversions. More visitors translate into more sales. As a result, it may take a thousand visitors to receive a sizable amount of profits. There are ways to increase your profits by improving your SEO campaign. Add better content onto the pages, reduce the number of errors and make other improvements. Furthermore, build customers only when they are able to work comfortably with your website.

This IVF Clinic in Dubai aimed to increase their SEO usage and expand towards potential customers, especially within the UAE.


Running a business that promotes IVF in Dubai is complicated. Any business owner should place a good amount of helpful information on a website. To make the site work effectively, take full use of search engine optimization techniques.


Chain Reaction’s Dubai SEO team blew all initial expectations out of the water, using their expertise and innovative strategy to meet and exceed KPIs across the board. Fine-tuning the Bourn Hall’s website led to a dramatic increase in relevant new traffic and revenue that surpassed Bourn Hall’s wildest expectations.

The clinic’s initial goal to increase organic web traffic by 30 – 40% was shattered – by October 2014, the site was experiencing an incredible 445% increase in organic visits. Increasing Bourn Hall’s Google page ranking in an environment full of hard-hitting competition is no easy task, but now Chain Reaction boosted Bourn Hall’s ranking above that of their biggest regional competitors in the market.


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