Mubadala GE capital is a collaborative endeavor between Mubadala – a billion-dollar economic growth and investment engine in Abu Dhabi – and global manufacturing giant General Electric; with the goal to support medium and large industries with financing and expertise. Based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Mubadala GE Capital aimed to increase their target market within the country. They also aimed to increase awareness within UAE.

The Challenge

We were asked to develop an online marketing strategy that would promote the fund brand and reach a niche target audience within the UAE.

A key consideration was Mubadala GE Capital’s marketing and branding strategies. As a result, after kicking off the campaign with Google search, our experts targeted the Google Display Network contextually; associating the brand name with well-targeted, highly-relevant and prestigious content.

The Results

While the campaign set out to increase awareness about the fund, priority number one was generating more leads. As a result, Chain Reaction conducted detailed research towards their target audience.

Mubadala GE Capital’s niche market in UAE underwent an intensive analysis to determine the channels, times, and locations; in order to reach out to the audience. As a result, our experts then launched several SEO and PPC campaigns simultaneously. This led to outstanding jumps in search volume and generated leads.


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