MOBILY Case StudyMobily-case-study_power of seo_HeaderOBJECTIVES

Raising Mobily’s visibility and ranking in order to increase their organic traffic was the primary goal of this project. The committed Chain Reaction team in Dubai took action; analyzing the client’s current website with extreme precision. They conducted this in order to enhance their internal content structure and fill in any existing gaps; ensuring that Mobily would rank at the top of the search engine results page in a list of critical keywords.


The challenge that the Chain Reaction team had to take on included optimizing over 1,200 pages across Mobily’s website. In addition, making sure that it would rank at the top of search engine results pages – for over 100 English and Arabic keywords. A challenge the Chain Reaction team was ready to take on.


Chain Reaction’s team was focused on transforming Mobily’s website to an SEO-friendly one; by performing a full website analysis and fixing all existing technical issues. They wrote new meta tags and implemented a crawlable URL structure – to increase the page’s credibility and user-friendliness. They also handled the robots.txt to ensure that search engines can easily navigate through the site. Wait, there’s more! In addition, they also added an updated XML sitemap to redirect broken links.

The SEO team in Dubai also submitted original content to regional sites – in order to drive more traffic and increase the website’s image as an authority. Chain Reaction verified Mobily’s Google, Yahoo, and Bing accounts; furthermore, they optimized its Google local map page, which will not only help in driving local organic traffic, but also assist in increasing conversions. In addition to that, replacing former keywords with more relevant ones was a priority to maximize the quality of their content; as well as ensuring that their audience can find the site easily.


Chain Reaction delivered a functional and well-coded website that is 100% SEO-friendly with zero violations, broken links, or missing tags. Chain Reaction had managed to achieve the following results:

  • 209% increase in overall traffic
  • A recognizable 90% increase in organic traffic
  • A 74% increase in the website’s unique visitors
  • In Mobily’s key market, Saudi Arabia, the increase in traffic surged to 84%

Six months later after the setup phase, Mobily is still benefiting from the optimized website; with an increase in organic traffic from generic keywords, which boosted the website’s reach. Mobily saw a significant increase in keyword ranking in general – making Mobily’s page a highly-ranked, reliable, and significant site among their competitors.

Utilizing a combination of innovative and effective SEO methods, Chain Reaction’s team was able to maximize Mobily’s return on investment.




As the second-largest mobile service provider in Saudi Arabia, Mobily is categorized as one of the country’s most reliable companies for telecommunication services. They were awarded a 25-Year mobile telecommunications license. Mobily is also a major shareholder of the Saudi National Fiber Network; embedding structured fiber cables through 35 Saudi cities. Mobily is also an investor in a global submarine cable project that will be operating in the near future.


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