Axiom Telecom tasked Chain Reaction with revamping the company’s online presence; this was due to their efforts to increase their organic web traffic and e-commerce sales.

Therefore, in order to achieve this objective, Chain Reaction’s Dubai SEO team would need to:

  • Analyze the company’s current website
  • Measure its performance
  • Create detailed recommendations that will increase the telecom company’s organic web traffic by 20 – 40%
  • Attract an audience using generic keywords
  • Ensure that 30 – 50% of the company’s keywords rank on the first three pages of search results
  • Ensure 10 – 25% of the keywords make it all the way to the first page


The most important challenges in this project were:

  • Making more people aware of Axiom Telecom’s online presence
  • Raising the visibility of Axiom Telecom’s e-commerce functionality
  • Driving customers to purchase products online


Chain Reaction’s team of SEO experts revised Axiom Telecom’s website to become more SEO-friendly. They performed a detailed CMS analysis, added an XML sitemap, and regenerated information areas around the website; they also optimized Google’s map page for Axiom Telecom.

The SEO team researched relevant keywords and then optimized all of Axiom Telecom’s page tags. They then implemented the Meta tags on the website – from the titles and descriptions to the URLs and headers. The team strengthened the company’s back-linking by submitting links in regional telecom-related directories. In order to get details about the optimization process, the team also created a Bing Webmaster account. This was done in order to complement existing Google Analytics and Yahoo accounts.


Chain Reaction’s Dubai SEO team blew all initial expectations out of the water. By using their expertise and innovative strategy, they had managed to meet and exceed KPIs across the board. As a result, fine-tuning the company’s website led to a dramatic increase in relevant new traffic and revenue – one that surpassed Axiom Telecom’s wildest expectations.

The company’s initial goal to increase organic web traffic by 20 – 40% was shattered. By October 2014, the site was experiencing an incredible 470% increase in organic visits. Increasing Axiom’s Google page ranking in an environment full of hard-hitting competition was no easy task; however, Chain Reaction had managed to boost Axiom Telecom’s page ranking above that of their biggest regional competitors in the market.

All of these factors caused a surge in direct organic revenue for the company; therefore, causing their profits to soar by 47% between July and October. Chain Reaction’s SEO team created a detailed and ambitious strategy to optimize Axiom Telecom’s website. So, sometimes it pays to invest in SEO directly from our experts.




About Axiom Telecom

Founded in 1997, Axiom Telecom is now the GCC region’s largest mobile device and accessory retailer and distributor. They were also selected as an authorized retailer and distributor of brands like Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia, Givori, and Samsung. The company offers 575 locations across the UAE, KSA, UK, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and India.